10 Famous City Quotes That Will Give You Wanderlust

Many things can wake up the dormant wanderlust in us. May they be images, smells, sounds, words, or very sudden memories, the result is the same. We start dreaming of being somewhere else. Proust was not the only one to have a madeleine, a flavour that brought back nostalgic moments.

If you suddenly feel the need to go and see for yourself, if your mind takes you away for even just a second, you are undoubtedly experiencing wanderlust. Although the word, in its current form, is fairly recent, the sentiment itself must have been the one shared by many sailors and explorers.

Artists, politicians and thinkers attempted to express the emotions they had when discovering or experiencing those incredible places. Old cities, new cities, beautiful, grandiose or gritty…


Here are 10 quotes to help feed your wanderlust. (Gallery on top of the page)