Dealing with Culture Shock

Starting a new life abroad may seem very appealing. However, as experienced as you may feel with traveling, settling down for a daily life abroad is as huge a leap of faith as moving from dating life to married life.

7 Travel Apps to Improve your Life Abroad

Which new or underrated or growing travel Apps will save the day while you live or travel abroad this year? What would be the ideal “travel pack” among the smartphones and tablets apps? Which apps are broad or versatile enough to be used by a twenty-something studying abroad and a fifty-something on a business trip

Expatriation: 5 Steps to Help your Integration

Starting an expat assignment implies a new job and a new home. Those are key components of this change of life: culture differences at work and often a new work rhythm, a brand new work/life balance, a new home often chosen on line or hastily with a relocation agency (sure you have a great city

How to Make the Most of Shopping Abroad

Unless you are on a world tour with a backpack and no space to spare, shopping for souvenirs and buying gifts have become an essential part of traveling. But in many cases, those items end up catching dust on a shelf, unless they were broken during the journey back home. On your next trip, wouldn’t

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